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January 3 - Laser Quest U.K. Ltd. entered into a joint agreement with Leisure Entertainment Corp. (LEC) to develop their product in the United States and Mexico. This replaced the agreement between Laser Quest U.K. and LQE.

February 22 - LQE combined with Kingscross Resources Inc. Kingscross then combined with Ontario Inc. to for the Laser Quest Corporation.

April 22 - Petition for Insolvency for Laser Force (UK) Limited is filed in the High Court of Justice (Chauncery Division Companies Court, Case No. 002558 of 1994.

June 1 - Laser Star begins distributing laser tag equipment.

June 20 - Laser Quest Corporation combined with LEC.

July 1 - Q-Europe is incorporated in Dublin, Ireland with John Cooke, John Boyle, and Thomas Butler as the company directors.

July 8 - RTS Entertainment Group, Limited is incorporated under the fictitious name Intersphere USA, LTD.

August 1 - Laser Shots begins distribution in South American and Mexico.

August - Laser Quest Corporation acquired the rights to market and develop the Laser Quest concept in Central and South America and replaced the existing Master License arrangement in Canada with an irrevocable license.

September 26 - A trademark is applied for the name "Laser X" by RTS Entertainment Group, Limited which is later abandoned.

October - The Crimson Corporation changes its corporate name to Laser Storm, Inc.

November - Laser Quest Corporation acquired the remaining world-wide rights to the Laser Quest concept through its wholly-owned subsidiary LQI. The rights for the Europe still remained with Laser Quest U.K. Ltd.

November 15 - Q-Zar Limited is incorporated in the UK under director Ivano Cafallo.

December 2 - Intersphere Holland announces that the distribution rights have been purchased by Todd Ferson.

- International marketing begins for the Laserforce product.

- Darkzone is created by P&C Micros.

- LaserTrek is created by Heads Up Technology.

- Space Sport changes its name to Laser Storm.

- Veqtor begins manufacturing laser tag.


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