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February 9 - Momentum Ltd. is commissioned by Pulsar to develop their next generation laser tag system.

February - Tim Dallyn and Martin Shoebridge team up and develop the Actual Reality laser tag system.

March - The first LaZer Runner opens in Maryland.

May 4 - Pulsar begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

December - Q-Zar Holdings Limited (“Q-Zar Bermuda”), a company under the laws of Bermuda by management of QUSA, is acquired in an arm’s length transaction. 95.8% of the issued and outstanding shares in QUSA and the exclusive intellectual property rights of the Q-Zar game for North America, South America and the Pacific Rim from LeisureCorp Limited. Q-Zar Inc. subsequently acquired the minority shareholding in QUSA.

- Meno Electronics is incorporated in order for Q-Zar facilities to have an alternative choice for spares and repairs. 

- Laser Sport is created.

- LMC Group creates Intersphere and starts distributing in the Benelux region of Europe.

- Darkzone Technologies, Inc. begins to distribute in Canada.


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