The following is a list of person's who have contributed to the laser tag industry:


Abadi, Masoud – R&D Manager of Proshut Laser Tag

Adams, Brian - Company Secretary of Laser Force (UK).

Adkins, Rick - General Manager of Lasertron (NZ).

Allen, Rod - Vice President, Marketing for LaserTrek.

Appleton, Tom - Founder of Plazma Force and President of Media Vision, Inc.

Arden, Mathew - Vice President of Advanced Entertainment Concepts (USA) (Inactive)


Ball, Frank J. - Executive Vice President of Laser Storm.

Bauerle, William R. - Chief Operating Officer of Laser Storm.

Blackwell, Hashim - Key Personnel of LaserBlast.

Bonis, Edward - Co-Founder of Space Sport/Laser Storm.

Boyle, John Michael - Director of Q-Europe.

Brooks, Terry - Key Personnel of Photon QEI.

Brunt, Nick - Managing Director of Laser Quest GB.

Burke, Darren - Research and Development Manager for Q-Zar.

Butler, Colum - Director of Quasar Limited (UK).

Butler, Thomas - Director of Quasar Limited (UK) and President and Chief Executive Officer of Q-Zar Franchising Inc. (USA).

Byrne, David - Founder and Sales Director of Laser Force (UK).


Cafallo, Ivano - Director of Quasar Limited (UK). 

Cameron, Rick - Director of Sales for Laser Port Pro.

Cannizzo, Tim
- U.S. and Canadian sales rep for Laserforce International Pty. Ltd.

Carter, George - The Father of Laser Tag. Creator of Photon; the world's first laser tag.

Choi, Dae Tong - Founder of Laser Space.

Clary, Jake - Project Manager of Advanced Entertainment Concepts (USA) (Inactive)

Colazzo, Guiseppe - Founder of Next Technology s.r.l.s.

Cooke, John - Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Q-Zar Franchising Inc. (USA).

Cooney, Robert - Founder of Space Sport, Ltd. and Space Sport/Laser Storm.

Cox, David - Ex-Owner of the Quasar rights for the UK.

Craft, John - Technical Advisor of Laser Mania.

Crowder, Kevin - President of Advanced Entertainment Concepts (USA) (Inactive)

Creighton, Joseph - Director of Quasar Limited (UK).

Culpovich, Andrew - Consultant for Intersphere USA.


Dallyn, Tim - Co-Founder, President & CEO of Actual Reality.

Davies, Peter - Managing Director for Zone Leisure Technologies; former Co-Founder and President of Crystal and former Director of DarkLight Laser Tag.

Delvecchio, Robert - Vice Preident of Sales for Q-Zar Franchising Inc. (USA).

Donnolly, Mary - Receptionist for Advanced Entertainment Concepts (USA) (Inactive) 

Dooley, James - Technical Engineer hired by George Carter to help refine and develop the Photon laser tag system.

Dragos, Kim - Co-Owner of Lazer Zone (USA).

Dragos, Mike - Owner and Founder of Lazer Zone (USA).


Early, Jon - Key personnel of Holoz.

Edwards, Bill - Co-Founder of LaserNation

Eigen, Sam - Founder and President of Ultrazone.

Elliston, Richard - Vice President of Marketing for LaserBlast.

Engelbrecht, Walter - Marketing Manager of of Advanced Entertainment Concepts (USA) (Inactive)

Epstein, Marc - Former sales advisor for LaserTron.

Evans, Sean - President of Q-Zar Systems, Operations Manager 

Ewald, Carla - President of LaserBlast.

Ewald, Tim - Founder and Vice President of Engineering for LaserBlast.


Faiers, Bernard - President of Pulsar.

Faiers, Janette - Director of Pulsar.

Fannin, Brian - Tech Manager of Advanced Entertainment Concepts (USA) (Inactive)

Farren, Neil - Senior Vice President of Sales of Q-Zar Franchising Inc. (USA).

Fawcett, Julie - key person of Laser Chaser.

Felson, Steve - Director for Laser Force (UK).

Ferson, Todd - CEO of Intersphere USA.

Found, Jim - Vice President of Operations of Q-Zar Franchising Inc. (USA).

Fox, Fergal - Vice President of Advanced Entertainment Concepts (USA) (Inactive)

Frei, Roger - European Sales Rep. for Delta Strike International Limited.

Fuery, Brian - Co-Founder and President of Stunner.


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