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March 22 - Leisure Quest Entertainment Inc.  (LQE) is incorporated under the laws of Canada.

June - LQE is introduced to the Laser Quest concept after a trip to the U.K. Shortly after they became the Master Licensee for the Laser Quest product in Canada.

October 6 -
Dark Light Systems Limited is incorporated in Lincoln, UK.

November - LQE entered into a Master License agreement for 17 states in the United States with Laser Quest U.K. Ltd.

- LaserTron begins to sell their equipment.

- Domestic marketing begins on the Laserforce product.

- Ultrazone begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

- Laser Sport begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

- A Quasar North American subsidiary is incorporated in Dallas, TX and the company changes its name from Quasar to Q-Zar.

- Laser Force (UK) begins manufacturing laser tag equipment after incorporating two years prior.


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