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X-Raid Ver. 1 Production Pack
X-Raid Ver. 1 Production Pack
X-Raid Handmade Prototype
X-Raid Handmade Prototype


Founder: Giuseppe ColazzoXraid prototype  2011

Date Established: 2009

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel

Giuseppe Colazzo - Founder of Next Technology s.r.l.s

Fabio Rossi – CEO Laser Evolution

Lorenzo Ribaldi - Software Developer

Angelo Guida - Design and Developer of Molding

First Facility: Laser Revolution, In via Vistola, Cella di Reggio Emilia, Dentro il Bolwing 2000.

History: The project and the brand “X-Raid” were founded in 2009 in the “Next Technology s.r.l.s.” labs. The company, founded by Giuseppe Colazzo in 2004, deals with computer technologies and electronics and has always been involved in research and development of new applications.

In 2009 the company began a collaboration between “Next Technology s.r.l.s.” and “Laser Evolution s.n.c.” (a laser game center founded by Fabio Rossi in 2006). The two company's focused their efforts on finding a method to get loyalty from both old and new laser game players and to offer them new, exciting game modes.

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Equipment: One of X-Raids main goals was to combine laser tag with some aspects of video games. In fact, they developed a system that is able to identify registered players and store detailed scores and statistics on a global website that is the portal where players and teams can see their growth, gain bonuses, unlock achievements, and organize contests.

To build their laser tag equipment, they analyzed the pros and cons of most common systems and invested a lot in technological research. They realized they should focus on making reliable equipment, that is accurate in shooting, with strong material and high end technologies. They thought the game modes should emulate each competitors game mode and improve game experience as a whole.

The chest protection and rifles are made of high-strength composite materials, designed to make any maintenance quick and easy. The laser tag pack is also equipped with safety systems to protect the player and the equipment itself.


The Red Green Blue LED system is standard on all equipment and comes with a range of tens colors that allows the operator to create multiple teams arranging  the players in to teams.

The 1.8" display that is provided with every rifle and chest protection kit, allows the player to see the number of lives, loaders, and shots available, the time remaining, and the score all in real time. The system is specifically designed for wireless communication between guns in play and the arena server, allowing scores and bonuses to also be seen in real time.

The RFID system recognizes members which allows operators to build customer loyalty through the creation of a memory of the games and of the player's scores. X-Raid also makes it easy for players to see their improvements with their statistics being accessible through the Internet on the official web portal. Here players can register with their nickname, form their own team and earn points, awards and bonuses as they would in video-games.

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X-Raids user interface allows employees to operate with total control of the arena and the individual kit of rifles and chest protections. With X-Raid managers can access the user interface through smartphones and tablets. Players and guests also benefit from the user interface by being able to see their results or those of their team in real-time directly from their mobile device.

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 X-Raid is the only laser tag equipment that is entirely manufactured and assembled in Italy.

Xraid prototypes V1

V1 X-Raid Prototypes



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