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StarTrooper Vest and Phaser
StarTrooper Vest and Phaser
StarTrooper Vest and Phaser
StarTrooper Vest and Phaser


Founder: Mikael Widing and  Per Widing

Date Established: 2002

Date Closed: Still Active 

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Mikael Widing – Co-Owner and Co-Founder

Per Widing – Co-Owner and Co-Founder

First Facility: B1, Bldg. 316, Block 3, Xincheng Xiyuan, Wangjing, Beijing

Nexus Software

Equipment: In introducing laser tag to China, Per and Mikael Widing contracted a local Chinese electronics company to design a system for them. The product was not up to Per and Mikael’s standards so they decided to apply their own electronic engineering knowledge and came up with their own laser tag system called the X-10. This was the first-ever laser tag system in China. From the StarTrooper website: “X-10 has 11 targets, 9 on the vest and 2 on the gun. Each target can display the team color giving a cool feeling in the dark arena. When you are shot the vest will vibrate and flash. X-10 is using an eye-safe Class 1 laser.”

History: StarTrooper was created by Swedish engineers Per and Mikael Widing and is the first laser tag company in China. Originally, the Widing brothers came to China on business for Ericsson, a United States communication company. But they were laid off from their jobs at Ericsson, so they decided to stay in China and start something new. “We came up with laser tag because we wanted an indoor game to play in Beijing. The weather can change, but with an indoor course, there isn’t any fear of changing conditions,” says Mikael.

StarTrooper now operates in Beijing, Zhejiang province and Indonesia. There is also a StarTrooper in Shanghai, although this has nothing to do with the brothers anymore.

The Widing brothers are credited with introducing China to the laser tag industry. Mikael says they merely brought it into the country. But, laser tag would certainly not be as popular as it is without the expertise and push of the Widing brothers. They own and operate their own brand in China: Widing Sports Development.


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