Reflex Laser Tag

Reflex Brochure Outside Cover
Reflex Brochure Outside Cover
Reflex Brochure Inside Pages
Reflex Brochure Inside Pages


Founder: Kris Gryspeert

Date Established: 1998

Date Closed: 2005

Number of Locations: 18

Key Personnel:
Kris Gryspeert – Sales Manager and CEO
Frank Vershaete

First Facility: Voskenslaan 135, B-9000 Gent

Equipment: Quoted from the Reflex website:
“Fully radio-controlled system with real-time scoring and interactive game control.
•    The Reflex vests are equipped with 6 infra-red detectors to cover full 360 degrees targeting.
•    Large & Informative 16 x 4 character LCD display on the gun. This display shows all relevant information in real-time such as: current score, current ranking, number of lives & bullets, special powers, etc.
•    Digital speech system and powerful digital sound-effects.
•    Fully modular setup and easy to maintain equipment. Rock-solid quality for a minimum downtime.
•    Scores are automatically available immediately after the game for a maximum player throughout. As soon as the game ends you can start a new game.
•    Powered by 2 high-capacity heavy-duty batteries.
•    Standard package contains 4 Powerful Muffits (Multi-functional Units) that can be programmed to act as a Power-mines, Bases, Vitaliser, etc.
•    Lots of useful game 'Powers' as Invisible, Untouchable, Rapid-fire and a lot more.”

History: Reflex was created and manufactured by Leisure International NV located in Belgium.  Reflex spread all across the European market. They had sites in Belgium, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, and Estonia.

It is believed that Leisure International had Intersphere equipment in their original location, this inspired them to create Reflex. Later on, Reflex inspired the laser tag manufacturer LaserMaxx.


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