Proshut Laser Tag

Manufacturer Name: Proshut Laser Tag

Office Address: Science and Technology Park, Daneshjoo Sq., Roodaki St., Tabarestan Avn., Sari, Iran. P.O. Box: 48168-45155

Number of locations: 17

Founder: Arash Hosseini

Date established: September 20, 2007

Date closed: Still active

Key personnel:

First Facility: Unknown


-          Gun: Made of fiberglass, Proshut gun weighs just enough to make gun-handling experience fun. It comes with an extra censor that makes sure player’s both hands are on the gun, so that physical encounters will be avoided. On the other hand, the gun may be paired with the vest by a simple plug and play, with no need for further programming.

-          Vest: Made of natural leather, Proshut vest is unique in many ways. First off, all of the wiring is packed at the back of the vest to minimize the number of boards and make it easy for the player to move around. Also, the vest can be digitally numbered, making it possible for one vest to be used in different teams with varying numbers. Last but not the least, the vest comes with a zipper below the collar, making it even easier for people to put it on over other clothes.

-          Laser tag software: Being extremely user friendly, Proshut Laser Tag software can prepare and print a report sheet, indicating the number of ‘tags’ and ultimately the winner.

-          Wireless Modem: By this innovative technology, the vests can be numbered (into one team) by the wireless system from afar, with no need for any other wired connections.


In 2007, Proshut started developing its own technology of laser tag. After some years of research, proper negotiations were done with specialists in the field of electronics, computer programming, marketing, and industrial design. Finally in 2011, Proshut Laser Tag made it to the Iranian national market and was successfully distributed to various clubs around the country.

Proshut enjoys some advantages in terms of price and service compared to other products in the national market. Proshut has been given many awards and was offered many business opportunities worldwide.

Having brought together a team of professional managers, marketers, manufacturing engineers, and quality administrators, Proshut based its development on QFD and managed to receive ISO9001 by TUVNORD from Germany. Moreover, Proshut is awarded Premium Certificate on Observance of Customer’s Rights in 2013.

Proshut Laser Tag, light enough for youngsters and real enough for adults not to get bored with something that might sound like a mere toy, managed to absorb players from all age groups, starting from children under 10 up to middle agers as old as 60.


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