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Photon QEI

Founder: Mark Mueller

Date Established:1996 

Date Closed:

Number of Locations: 1

Key Personnel:
Mark Mueller - Founder
Terry Brooks

First Facility: Laurel, Maryland

Equipment: Photon QEI used the same basic equipment as the original Photon manufacturer did. Featuring a helmet and visor, a targeting scope on the “phaser gun”, as well as the target vest with shoulder pads. Although Photon QEI made several technological changes to the equipment such as an active heads up display, voice communications, a positioning grid, post-game displays, and more.

History: In 1996, Marc Mueller, a former Photon franchisee, attempted to resurrect the Photon brand name. He created a company named Vector 1, located at 1341 W. Central Avenue, Davidsonville, Maryland. This company known as Vector 1, Inc. had a relationship with the product and company known as Veqtor. By 2003, Photon QEI was only in one location, owned by Marc Mueller, and ultimately ceased training.


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