Key Personnel 

Founders: David Abdala and Mariano Abdala

¡Alto el Juego! (cease game!, in spanish very close to "cease fire": alto el fuego)

Address: Alberdi 126, Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina

Date Founded: 01/2012

MarcaRojo is the trademark

MR-0 is our current (and first) product. It is designed "for fun", it requires nothing but the tagger itself to play. You can attach external sensors to it, mounted on whatever you like (we sell them equipped with velcro).

Taggers can be connected to PC to get detailed statistics.

Taggers has a "neutral" design, for them not to be associated to actual war material. Sounds are similar to video games.

Each tagger has an LCD display and can be configured on startup, or through the PC connection.


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