LTMSA - Laser Tag Manufacturers and Suppliers Association

Date Established: September, 2003

Date Closed: March 17, 2008

Founding Members:
Laser Mania
Laser Chaser
Laser Blast
Laser Star
Lazer Runner
Creative Works
Zone Systems

History: The Laser Tag Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (LTMSA) was an unincorporated trade association that was created to compete against the ILTA.  It purpose was to replicate, duplicate and eliminate the ILTA and its services to the operator and developer.

The LTMSA was conceived by Jim Kessler, owner of LaserTron after a disagreement with the ILTA in 2003.  Jim was instrumental in gathering several laser tag manufacturers to create the LTMSA as a sub-organization of the now defunct International Association of Leisure and Entertainment Industry (IALEI).  IALEI was the trade association for the family entertainment industry at that time before its eventual failure and takeover by International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

The LTMSA had created a website to gather leads for its members.  In March, 2004, the LTMSA also attempted to created a division or other organization known as the ILTOA - the International Laser Tag Operators Association.  The acronym and name were strikingly close to the well-established and worldwide known ILTA, an acroynm that was questionable in its legality.

But this was not the only legal issue of the LTMSA / ILTOA that would surface.  Ultimately, despite assurances that IALEI was professionally managing the LTMSA, a new IALEI Executive Director came forth with the fact that the LTMSA had never legally incorporated; had never paid taxes; nor would it pass the criteria for being recognized as a non-profit association since the organization's activities did not actually create a benefit for the laser tag manufacturers since its focus was actually on operators and developers, not laser tag manufacturers.  In fact, the LTMSA had actually operated at a financial loss for several years.

A conference call was held on March 17, 2008 whereby Tracy Sarris, then Executive Director of IALEI put forth the facts of the LTMSA's legal position.  A motion was put forth to "retire" the LTMSA.  The motion was seconded and then a voice vote was called for Aye's or Nay's to dissolve the LTMSA.  The motion to retire was passed overwhelming.


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