Founder: Gary Reese

Date Established: May 2000

Date Closed: February 2012

Number of Locations: 3

Key Personnel:
Gary Reese – Founder and President
Bill Edwards - Co-founder
Jeremy Gaddy - Managing Partner

First Facility: Washington, D.C.

Equipment: As quoted from the LaserNation website: “The equipment at Laser Nation used infrared data transmission technology, working in conjunction with software and hardware that records every aspect of a laser tag game. Laser tag players wore vests that contained sensor targets on the shoulders, chest and back. The targets operate via a computer housed inside the vest, which enables the target sensors to receive signals from an opponent’s laser for a “tag.””

LaserNation developed a power system that made it so their operators didn’t have to use batteries with their equipment. LaserNation claimed that their system could be re-energized a million times and there would be no degradation in the system’s life.

History: In May of 2000, Gary Reese purchased two declining laser tag centers near Washington, D.C. Their third location was opened in Baltimore, Maryland in 2002. They ran these locations with the existing non-LaserNation equipment.

In early 2006, Gary Reese and his partners created the product known as Laser Nation. The LaserNation team wanted to expand their brand name and decided to start franchising. They believed that “persons who invest capital in their own businesses will make the best partners for the future growth of LaserNation.”

LaserNation’s ceased trading in approximately February, 2012.


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