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LaserGame Evolution

Founder: Patrick Fournier

Date Established:

Date Closed:
Still Active

Number of Locations:
 Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:

Patrick Fournier - Founder

Louis Fournier - Business Partner

Regis Guru - Business Partner

Xavier Poyillat - Business Partner and Electronics Engineer

First Facility: First facility opened in 1996, known as Laser Game Evolution, on 17 Rue Colonel Dumont in Grenbole, France. 

Equipment: The LaserGame Evolution’s player equipment is made up of a one-handed phaser connected via cord to a vest worn by the player. The vest features a sensor on the front and back and can be either red, blue, or yellow, depending on which team you’re on.

LaserGame Evolution also offers modules to be placed in the arena that offer new objectives to players. These modules are The Trap, Bases, and a Door Laser. The Trap protects an area that if players walk through, they automatically lose points. Bases are used in the Domination game mode and score points as long as you control them. The Door Laser functions as a wall of green laser, whoever crosses when activated will lose points.

History: In 1995, LaserGame Evolution developed its first set of laser tag equipment. Founder Patrick Fournier got his inspiration for developing his laser tag system from a movie about American students who played paintball. LaserGame Evolution was the first laser tag system invented in France.

They opened their first laser tag site in 1996 for Patricks Father Louis Fornier. Since then LaserGame Evolution has opened more than 60 sites all around Europe including sites in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.  

In 1999 Xavier Pouillat joined the company and became a partner. 

LaserGame Evolution signed a contract with a distribution company in 2000 in order to sell more product.

However in 2005 the two companies had a breach in the contract and LaserGame Evolution decided to seperate and take control of their network and distribution themselves.

LaserGame Evolution still manufactures laser tag today.


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