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Founder: Peter Newbury

Date Established: August 4, 2005

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Peter Newbury - Founder

First Facility: LaserVenture, Penally, UK opened in 2005

Equipment: In approximately 2011, LaserVenture upgraded their original product, the Crystal Phaser, to what is now known as the Crystallite Phaser. The phaser is transparent and comes equipped with 3 tri-leds that pulse during gameplay. The Crystallite Phaser is also the basis of their outdoor system. The vest has 4 sensors mounted on it, one on the chest, one on the back, and one on each shoulder. The front and back LED display forms the letter V which resembles early Pulsar packs.

History: Little is known about the laser tag system produced by Sequoia Developments. If you have any information pertaining to LaserVenture please contact us via the Lasertag Museum website.

From the Curator: This entry is posted May 6, 2014.  In a world where competition can be fierce, there is an amazing amount of spirited cooperation as reflected on our pages.  Manufacturers help manufacturers.  There is a sense of rivalry yet revery.  Until you meet LaserVenture.  I have never met LaserVenture.  Nor do they wish for me to meet them.  And I will honor that request.

LaserVenture's story is greatly unknown.  Their product appears to be a derivative of some of the old Solaris Leisure equipment.  Is there a connection between Solaris Leisure and LaserVenture?  It is hard to say and LaserVenture grows deathly quiet regarding any questions.

I have attempted to meet LaserVenture 3 times at my expense.  To Fly from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA to their address in the UK that is shared with numerous other companies.  But each time it is declined.  In fact, LaserVenture is the only laser tag company in the world that has raised the drawbridge and flooded the moat when I get near.  No other company, anywhere on the planet, refuses to have some form of cordial and civil conversation.  Baffling.

Personally it creates a concern as to product durability or warranty or service.  Now I do not know if those are bad since LaserVenture doesn't want to discuss it.  But people want to sing their strengths from the rooftop.  Not LaserVenture.  They are well within their right to secret away in to their hidey hole and withhold information about the LaserVenture product specifications or the game experience as they desire the guest to enjoy.

Despite LaserVentures desire to be reclusive, it only spurs me on harder to have their equipment on display in the museum.  All companies, no matter how great...or small, should have their product on display in the industry museum.  And if their story never gets told, so be it.  There are other companies that have come and gone with but a sentence or a paragraph that remains as their lasting contribution in the form of a small epitaph.


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