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Original Laser Quest Logo Artwork
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Laser Quest Pack and Phaser
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Laser Quest R-16 Vest and Phaser
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Prestine Laser Quest R-10 Pack
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Laser Quest

Founder: Simon JamesPhil Pickersgill and Nick Brunt

Date Established: 1988

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:

Laser Quest UK
Simon James – Co-Founder (no longer with the company)
Phil Pickersgill – Co-Founder (no longer with the company)
Nick Brunt - Co-founder and Managing Director

Laser Quest GB
Nick Brunt - Managing Director
Nathan Hicks - Operations Manager

Versent Corporation
David Willmont – Chairman of the Board
F. Gregory James – President and Chief Executive Officer
David James – President

InterTech Group
Jerry Zucker – CEO (Deceased)

First Location: Laser Quest, Arch 58 Whitworth Street West, Manchester, UK opened December 10, 1989

Equipment: The Laser Quest vest is made of a thick canvas like material and contains sensors on the front, back, and shoulders as well as the phaser itself. These sensors are mounted on printed circuit boards and either emits a red or green color from them when the vest is active.

Laser Quest is one of the oldest's laser tag manufacturers in the industry.  There have been six versions of equipment including the R6, the R8, the R10, the R12, the R16 and then the LQX.

Laser Quest Demonstration Video 1 

History: Early in 1987, Simon James and Phil Pickersgill aspired to open a laser tag facility in the UK. Simon worked for an engineering firm and his boss introduced him to David Cox, the man responsible for bringing the Quasar product to the UK. Simon and Phil considered opening as one of the very first Quasar facilities in the UK.

Phil, being a year older than Simon, completed university and went to Australia while waiting for Simon to complete his schooling. While in Australia Phil took a job at a Phasor Strike in 1987. Phil also learned of equipment known as Vada that is used in New Zealand.

Phil returned to the UK once Simon James completed university. While Phil had been away in Australia, Simon had been scouting for locations to open their facility. Phasor Strike U.K. Limited was incorporated on July 11, 1988.

Laser Quest Demonstration Video (1991) 

In May of 1989 a photo was taken with Phil and Simon wearing Phasor Strike equipment which they planned on using in their facility. Due to prolonged negotiations they actually didn’t open their first location with Phasor Strike equipment. The Vada product Phil had heard about while in Australia was used. A year after their facility had opened with Vada; the duo was inspired to create their own laser tag equipment. They hired engineers and Laser Quest was born. Phasor Strike U.K. Limited changed its name to Laser Quest U.K. Limited on October 25, 1989.

On March 22, 1992 Leisure Quest Entertainment Inc. (LQE) is incorporated under the laws of Canada. In June of 1992 LQE was introduced to the Laser Quest concept after making a visit to England and shortly after became the Master Licensee for Canada. In November of that year LQE entered into a Master License agreement with Laser Quest UK Ltd. for 17 states in the United States too. This deal was replaced on January 3, 1994 with a joint agreement with Laser Quest UK Ltd. to develop the concept throughout the United States and Mexico through Leisure Entertainment Corp. (LEC)

In an article in the Christian Science Monitor dated May 6, 1994, the article states in part:

"Laser Quest arrived in North America by mistake.

In June 1992, Mr. Thompson got off the train in Nottingham, England, and asked two teenagers for directions. ``They said, `Are you going to play Laser Tag?' I tried it and liked it so much I canceled my ticket home and went searching for the [game's] owner,'' he recounts.

Thompson put a deal together with the British developers of Laser Quest, two young men, Nick Brunt and Simon James, and Simon's father, David, who had provided the financing for the British operation."


Laser Quest Briefing Video

On February 22, 1994 LQE entered a transaction with Kingscross Resources Inc. The effect of this transaction made Kingscross the parent company of LQE. Kingscross then combined with Ontario Inc. to form Laser Quest Corporation.

On June 20, 1994 Laser Quest Corporation acquired LEC. In August of 1994 Laser Quest Corporation acquired the rights to market and develop the Laser Quest concept in Central and South America and replaced the existing Master License arrangement in Canada with an irrevocable license. Then in November 1994, Laser Quest Corporation acquired the remaining world-wide rights to the Laser Quest concept through its wholly-owned subsidiary LQI. The European rights were held by Laser Quest UK Ltd, which was not owned by Laser Quest Corporation.

Laser Quest Demonstration Video 2

On January 10, 1997 Laser Quest Corporation finalized an agreement to purchase Threshold Electronics Limited which has designed and manufactured Laser Quest's proprietary equipment since 1989.

On February 19, 1998 a change of the company’s name to Versent Corporation is approved.

Laser Quest Demonstration Video 3

On February 15, 2000 Buckingham Technologies Acquisition Group, Inc. purchased 90.5% of the issued and outstanding shares of Versent Corporation. Buckingham Technologies is owned 100% by Mr. Jerry Zucker.


Laser Quest News Coverage

 On April 12, 2008 Mr. Jerry Zucker, CEO of InterTech Group and majority stock owner of Laser Quest, passes away. The laser tag community mourns at the loss of one of the great investors in the industry.


 Laser Quest Corporate Sales Video (1992)


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