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Laser Tag Museum Donor
Laser Tag Museum Donor
Laserforce (UK) Prototype
Laserforce (UK) Prototype

Laser Force (UK)

Founder: David Byrne

Date Established: March 21, 1990

Date Closed: November 25, 1997

Number of Locations: Unknown

Key Personnel:
John Hilbrig – Managing Director
David Byrne – Sales Director
Brian Adams – Company Secretary
David Lewis - Director
Steve Felson - Director
Peter Kuske - Director
Martin Shoebridge - Technical Contributor

First Facility: Unknown

Equipment: The equipment Laser Force (UK) used was manufactured by the electronics company Autolec. The equipment featured a ribbed vest with a rectangular laser gun with a rounded nozzle attached via cable. 

History: Laser Force (UK), Ltd. was incorporated on March 21, 1990 and started to manufacture laser tag equipment in 1992. Before 1990, Laser Force (UK) did business under the name of Libra Design Services, Ltd.

Laser Force (UK) shared a similar look with Pulsar and Laser Chaser. It’s believed that Pulsar was built from the Laser Force (UK) platform, and Laser Chaser was built off Pulsar’s platform. The three companies utilised a common proprietary communication protocol owned by Mr. Martin Shoebridge. All three companies’ electronics were produced by the electronics firm known as Autolec located in Sussex, UK.

Laser tag systems manufactured by Autolec helped give rise to the popularity of laser games in the UK.

In the "Legal Notices" section of the London Gazatte, dated 13th May 1994, in the matter of LASERS FORCE (UK) LIMITED, a creditor filed a petition regarding the Insolvency Proceeding.  Mr. Andrew Riddell and Mr. Peter Marshall of Leisure Tech NBVA, Prins Hendrikkade 190, 1011 TD Amsterdam, Netherlands, claimed to be a Creditor of the Company.  Andrew Ridell and Peter Marshall later form Intersphere USA.

Laser Force (UK) was ultimately forced to cease trading in 1997.

From the Curator: In an interview with Doug Wilson on November 15, 2012, the former vice president of Lazer Runner, stated that Mr. Kenn Shurek acquired the distribution rights of Laser Force (UK) in approximately 1992.  Mr. Shurek experienced a number of technical issues and utilizing the Laser Force (UK) equipment was inspired to create Lazer Runner.


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