Holoz Laser Tag


Founder: Nick Geranio

Date Established: March 15, 1995

Date Closed: 1997

Number of Locations: 3

Key Personnel:
Nick Geranio - Founder
Jon Early

First Facility: 2407 Research Drive, Livermore, CA 94550

Equipment: Quoted from a Laser World advertisement: “Each team member has an electroluminescent vest that responds to opponents’ laser attacks with light, sound, and vibration. Once hit, the player remains inactive until he or she regains full power. Adjustable for different sizes, laser World vests come in two colors with differing electroluminescent patterns for each team. Each vest is equipped with a shoulder level audio system which provides futuristic sound effect.

Laser guns, suited to each individual team member, will emit a true laser beam that can pinpoint a target on a dime. LCD displays on the gun inform the player of shots available, shots scored, and the number times he or she has been hit.

This LCD information can be downloaded into the main computer where it will be accumulated for evaluation and printed out on a performance scorecard.”

History: Holoz pioneered the concept of using holograms in the laser tag game with holograms that actually fired back at the players.


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