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Founder: Dave Morris

Date Established: March, 2000

Date Closed: Still Active 

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Dave Morris – President and Owner

First Facility: Fundays Playbarn at Bourton-on-the-water, Gloucester, UK. Opened on January 4, 2007.

Equipment: Hangar51 started out in the mobile side of the laser tag business. They provided customers with a fully inflatable 45 by 55 feet arena that players could run around and play laser tag in. The inflatable arena forms a covered, all weather playing area of approximately 1000 sq. ft. An inflatable alien may be added, standing 25ft high.

Hangar51 called their laser tag system, “Laser Storm”. (Not to be confused with the Laser Storm company). Hangar51 was one of the few laser tag companies to not equip players with vests; the equipment featured only the laser gun. They felt as though backpacks and harnesses were too large for smaller players so they only fitted their guns with shoulder strap that adjusted to the players. Hangar 51’s laser guns were also tri-colored. 

Hangar51 is designed and manufactured by Momentum, Ltd out of West Midlands, UK.

The main features of the Hangar51 system are packless phasers, sensors and LED's all built into the phaser, displayed player's score update in real time,  a full hit confirmation system linked to the scoring, mobile score printout system, and the system could operate without a computer.

History: Quoted from the Hangar51 website:

In 1997 “Momentum Ltd started its own development of a Mobile Laser Tag system which was released in 2000 under the brand name Hangar51.

The huge success and reliability of the Hangar51 mobile system resulted in the development of Laser Storm system which was released in 2002. It allowed the laser guns to be used in indoor arenas, outdoors and adventure play centres – in fact almost anywhere. The development Laser Storm system is ongoing as new applications are found.

In 2005, development was started on an outdoor Laser skirmish system. This system was named Battle Storm and released in early 2007."

Hangar51 continues to manufacture equipment today.


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