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Founder: Alexander Tarasov

Date Established: 2002

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Alexander Tarasov – Founder and President

First Facility: Unknown

Equipment:  Quoted from the Ataka website: “The standard equipment includes: a set of machines and vests, two bases, each of which is kind of a “home base” for his team, two energizers needed to replenish the ammunition, a double set of batteries for the operation of Panasonic machines, and a set of wires to connect the devices and software products.”

Ataka’s vests are either green or red, according to your team. On the front and back of the vests are silver metal disks on which the LEDs and sensors are located. There are also sensors on each of the shoulders.   

Ataka’s phasers are connected to the vest through a cord and feature two handles, with a trigger on each handle.

History: Ataka introduced their first version of laser tag in 2002. They used this version as their testing trials and recalled it to make adjustments. Ataka re-introduced their system and mass produced it in 2003.  

At first Ataka also helped build their customers mazes for their facility, but quit doing so after difficulties. They used to also manufacture “mines”, “grenades”, and other additional interactive devices. Ataka decided to cease manufacturing of these devices to focus more on their basic laser tag systems.

Ataka still manufactures laser tag today.


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