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Founder: Sam Eigen

Date Established: 1992

Date Closed: 2000 (Merged into Zone Systems, Inc.)

Number of Locations: 210

Key Personnel:
Sam Eigen - Founder and President
Drew Pawlak – Vice President
Brian Sweet – Sales Representative

First Facility:
Circus Circus, Las Vegas, Nevada. August 15, 1993

•    Weight: 1 lb.
•    Colors: Red, Yellow, Green or Tri-colored LED’s
•    Features: “Swap-tronics”, Tri-colored LED’s, 2-handed laser w/ Gundom for safety, two targets with four IR-receivers.
•    Weight: 5.1 lbs.
•    Colors: Red, Yellow, Green or Tri-colored LED’s
•    Materials: Poly carbonate targets, nylon mesh, adjustable straps

History: Ultrazone was the brand name created by Sam Eigen in 1992 when he secured the distribution rights for laser tag equipment from P&C Micros, an Australian based manufacturer. Years later in 2000, Ultrazone was bought by P&C Micros and was merged into Zone Systems, Inc.

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Ultrazone started out franchising in the United States and later created the Zap Zone concept of non-franchised locations.  Originally, the Ultrazone's had three teams and franchise support while the Zap Zone's had two teams and did not receive any post-sale operation or marketing support.  In 2000, Ultrazone ceased franchising to focus on sales of non-franchise locations.

Together, Darkzone Technologies, Inc., Ultrazone Franchising, and Crystal Entertainment were all acquired by P&C Micros and merged in 2000 to create Zone Sytems, Inc.


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