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Solaris Leisure

Founder: Will Latham

Date Established: 2000

Date Closed: 2005

Number of Locations: 10 or more

Key Personnel:
Will Latham - Founder

First Facility: Unknown

Equipment: Solaris Leisure designed and manufactured two types of laser games:
1) Mobile systems that were played in various designs of an inflatable playing area.
2) Fixed site systems that were played in a converted building.

Solaris Leisure called their laser guns “Raygens” because they did not think the word gun was appropriate since it was completely safe and didn’t harm anyone. 

Raygens spoke to the players whilst in use. The words used in their Raygens could be tailored to speak two languages i.e. Spanish, German, Japanese or French as well as English or American English.

History: William Latham was first a Chief Engineer for the laser tag manufacturer Pulsar. After Pulsar closed, Latham decided to stay in the laser tag business and created his own company; Solaris Leisure. There have been no updates on Solaris Leisure since 2005, so it is concluded that they have ceased manufacturing since then.


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