Quasar Elite

Quasar Elite

Founder: Robert Webb

Date Established: 2004

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Robert Webb – Founder and Head of World Sales

First Facility: 17-19, St. Stephens Road, Quasar Elite Norwich, Norwich UK, Opened September 15, 2004

Equipment: Quoted from the Quasar Elite website: “The main part of the Quasar Elite Package is the equipment itself. All of the equipment we supply is designed, manufactured, installed and supported by us. There are four areas of the equipment, the Packs (made up of a vest and a phaser), Network Units (Energisers, Bases, and Mines), the control computer, and the Charging System.”

The equipment of Quasar Elite is somewhat similar to the old equipment of Q-Zar, but it is obvious that the vests and phasers have been completely redesigned.

In December 2016, Meno Electronics, the manufacturer of Q-2000 Laser Game equipment issues a press release announcing a new partnership with Quasar Elite.  Meno would be assuming service and support for all the Quasar Elite locations throughout the world.  Steve Jennings of Meno stated, in part:

Steven Jennings founded Meno in 1992, originally to support and service Quasar Centres before moving on to manufacturing Q2000 Laser Tag systems. Steven Jennings is delighted that Meno has come full circle!

History: According to Quasar Elite’s own website, Q-Zar America failed in the mid 1990’s and Quasar UK took over all the manufacturing and distribution of Quasar and Q-Zar. By that time Quasar UK figured that the original design of the equipment had long been outdated. So in 2001, Quasar Elite began as a research and development project that lasted 2 years, designed to update their equipment for the modern industry. After extensive trials in Quasar sites, Quasar Elite was officially launched at Leisure Industry Week 2005.


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