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Founder:  Marcel Rohrs

Date Established: 1995

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Marcel Rohrs - Founder

First Location:  Laserstar Zaandijk, Netherlands

Equipment:  LaserMaxx markets its product as the EVO series. The LaserMaxx vest is equipped with 9 sensors used to determine whether a player has been tagged. If a player is tagged then the LED sensor will begin to strobe indicating an opposing player has tagged you. Sound used for the battle experience is emitted from the shoulders of the LaserMaxx vest. According to their website, “the phaser is accurate up to 35 meters.” Up to 6 teams and 64 players are able to use the LaserMaxx equipment during a given laser game.

LaserMaxx also has produced equipment called MiniPods and PowerPods. These pods are controlled by the LaserMaxx console and are used in different ways depending on the games setting. They can be used as player upgrades found during the laser game. They are also used as bases or turrets depending on the game type.

History:  Marcel Rohrs, CEO of Multimax Electronics B.V., founded LaserMaxx Laser Tag in 1995 and quickly started distributing throughout Europe. The first location LaserMaxx opened had opened a year before with Reflex equipment. A year later Laserstar switched their equipment from Reflex to LaserMaxx.


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