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Laser Star

Founder: Dr. David Peretz

Date Established
: June 1, 1994

Date Closed: Laser Star is still active.

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

First Facility: Starbase Omega Orlando, Fl

Key Personnel:
Dr. David Peretz - Founder

Equipment: Laser Star was revolutionary to the laser tag industry in one way in particular. They were able to develop and create the industry’s first vestless, cordless, laser tag system. With the “Laser Star Solo Gun” they were able to eliminate the need of vests, cords and headsets. This lack of any other equipment other than the phaser allowed for Laser Star to brand themselves as the laser tag system that allowed more games per hour than any other system due to the time saved from the vesting area.

Laser Star was also able to customize their equipment to fit specifically themed arenas. According to their brochure, Laser Star was the industry’s first, “one size fits all system.” Laser Star was able to animate the arena they were in by using special mechanical and lighting effects that were activated by their laser phaser technology. Along with their Solo Laser Gun, Laser Star also supplied a targeting system which allowed an operator to select a theme and use pre-installed or custom audio elements from the targets. 

History: Laser Star’s founder and president Dr. David Peretz was the driving force behind the development and success of the Laser Star brand. The Laser Star equipment was able to work extremely well in soft play mazes. This success in soft play mazes led Laser Star to team up with Discovery Zone, a soft play maze designer.  When Discovery Zone went bankrupt in 1996 it was a hard hit on Laser Star. In 2005 Laser Star started to focus more on their shooting gallery brand than their laser tag system.


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