Founder: Laurie-Ann and Chris O'Connor

Date Established: 1993

Date Closed: Ceased distributing in Canada in 2000, still open in Australia. Merged with P&C Micros to become Zone Systems.  The Darkzone brand is still active in Canada owned by Stuart Shore of Darkzone Laval.

Number of Locations: 17

Key Personnel:
Laurie-Ann O'Connor - President
Chris O'Connor - Co-Owner
Lorraine "Lodge" Maciboric - Franchise Marketing Coordinator
Sheryl Penner - Executive Assistant

First Facility: Darkzone, 230 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Equipment: Darkzone was a brand of the Zone Empire sold in Australia and Canada.

History: In 1993, a company out of Manitoba, Canada named Darkzone Technologies, Inc. was given the rights by P&C Micros to distribute their laser equipment in Canada. Darkzone Technologies distributed their laser tag equipment under the brand name Darkzone and Zapzone. P&C Micros started to distribute laser tag equipment under the same brand name in 1998.

Darkzone Technologies, Inc. continued to distribute Darkzone equipment in Canada up until 2000, when they were acquired by P&C Micros and merged with Ultrazone Franchising and Crystal Entertainment to create Zone Sytems, Inc.

Darkzone in Australia is still manufactured and distributed by P&C Micros today.

Darkzone is still a brand operating in Canada owned by Stuart Shore.  Stuart owns Darkzone Laval and recently celebrated a 20th anniversary.  Darkzone Laval opened on June 26th, 1994 and continues to operate after 20 years.


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