All donors are listed alphabetically based on the last name of the person or the first letter of the name of the company.


Roberts, Ken - parted with his unique Lazer Tag (HM) Commercial Display Case.

Robles, JR - Energize Laser Tag - donated rare items from the latter days of Q-Zar such as IQ and Q-Tag phasers.

Rothwell, Pat - Founder and President of Laser Mania - Donated two Laser Mania packs, three Intersphere packs, and three Laser Reality packs.



Salem Fun Factory - Donated a LaserTron (USA) LT8 pack. 

Savard, Paul - Director of LaZer Runner - donated a red VeQtor pack and a yellow Laser Star vestless phaser.

Schilling, Jeff - Owner of Creative Works - donated unique cabinets at costs allowing the history to be displayed to the visitors.

Schwartz, Pete - National Sale Consultant of Zone Lasertag - donated several rare items from multiple companies including Actual Reality, Laser Chaser, and Laser Storm.

Shaw, Darren - Owner of Fun City Entertainment Center, Sunshine, VIC, Australia - Donated a Zone Laser Tag v2 Phaser, a Zone Laser Tag Base, a Zone Laser Tag Target, and a Zone Laser Tag Infusion Interface Box. (Oct 22, 2013)

Shoebridge, Martin - Creator of Actual Reality, VeQtor, Laser Force (UK), and Pulsar laser tag companies - donated an Actual Reality phaser shell as well as an Actual Reality analog clock.  In 2012, Martin donated rare circuit boards for the early Actual Reality product.

Singh, Bachan - Owner of Magic Planet New Delhi, India - donated 4 Magic Planet shirts and 3 Laserforce shirts.

Smith, Graham and Robyn - Founders and Owners of Vultrek - Donated numerous Vultrek items.

  • 2 Vultrek Gen1 Packs and Helmets
  • 2 Vultrek Gen2 Packs and Helmets
  • 3 Vultrek Shirts
  • 1 Vultrek Sweatshirt
  • 4 Vultrek Articles
  • 1 Vultrek Picture
  • 1 Vultrek Poster
  • 1 Quasar Article
  • 1 Vultrek Game Pass
  • 1 Vultrek Team Pass
  • 8 Vultrek Coupons
  • 1 Vultrek Member Card
  • 22 Vultrek Member ID's
  • 3 Vultrek Pins

Southworth, Jim - Former Owner and Player - donated a Photon manual and a Photon molecular light.

StarTrooper - Donated 2 different versions of StarTrooper packs.

Steradian Technology - donated manuals, a game controller, and several Steradian phasers to show its progression throughout the years.

Stroud, Alex - General Manager of Laser Quest Swindon, UK - donated a Laser Quest Graffix Book, a Laser Quest sponsored Robo Cop poster, and a one of a kind Laser Quest shield.

Stunner - donated 2 Stunnermouse pads.


TagFerret - World Authority on home market laser tag products, Co-Inventor of Lazer Tag Team Ops and software engineer for Lazer Tag

Trade Show Acquisition -  many interesting pieces of literature and memorabilia have been acquired from trade shows.

Turner, Jack - Owner - Lazer Blaze - donated a LaserTron LT 7 pack, a Crystal pack, and a donation of paying for the retail space occupied by the museum as well as the display cases that makes this entire project possible.


Uhlyarik, Andras - Founder and Former Owner of Laser Chaser - donated a time capsule containing materials of over 25 different laser tag companies.

Ullrich, Craig - Managing Director of Laser Force Swindon, UK - donated a Laser Quest Graffix Book, a Laser Quest sponsored Robo Cop poster, and a one of a kind Laser Quest shield.


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