All donors are listed alphabetically based on the last name of the person or the first letter of the name of the company.


Adams, Zac - Former Q-Zar Employee - donated Q-Zar media and admin passes from the Q-Zar World Tournament in Ocean City, MD 1996, as well as a Q-Zar rag from the tournament.

Anonymous #1 - donated two Photon packs as well as the original business plan from Photon Kennilworth, NJ written in 1986. 

Anonymous #2 - donated a Laser Quest pack.

Anonymous #3 - donated a Stunner v1 laser tag pack and phaser.

Anonymous #4 - donated a Stunner v2 laser tag pack and phaser.

Ataka - Donated an Ataka pack, in prestine condition, which has eluded the museums grasp for many years.


Baker, Benjamin - Avid Laser Tag Player - Donated:

  • 2 ZLTWC 2016 (Zone Laser Tag World Championships) bags
  • 2 ZLTWC 2016 players cards
  • a deck of ZLTWC 2016 playing cards
  • a ZLTWC 2016 shirt
  • a ZLTWC 2014 shirt
  • another ZLTWC 2014 shirt
  • the ZLTWC 2014 Documentary  

Barca, Cynthia - donated a Laser Chaser remote, a battery charger, and two Laser Chaser V1 packs along with their vesting racks.

Barns, Brad - Provided a Phasor Strike phaser, the 3rd one ever made. (Sept 9, 2013)

Battlefield Sports - Donated:

  • Two Berserkers
  • One Spitfire
  • One Right on Target Tactical Laser Tag Guide
  • Numerous Business Cards
  • Three Laser Tag in a Box Magnets
  • Four Laser Skirmish Magnets
  • Four Battlefield Sports Square Dog Tags
  • Battlefield Sports Brochure
  • Battlefield Sports Team Building Brochure
  • Trade Matters Brochure which featured a Battlefield Sports Section 

Brookes, Robert - Donated a Laser Quest R-16 pack and a Laser Quest promotion poster.

Burbidge, Doug - Donated a Q-zar Mark I from the Freemantle, Perth, WA, Australia. 


Carter III, George - Creator of Photon - Father of Commercial Tag - donated extremely rare and unique Photon items including magazines, newspapers, Photon materials, and the original concept artwork for Photon.

Chasse, Jake - GM of Zap Zone MI, donaed 2 Version 1 Laser Blast Packs.

Cook, Ed - Laser Tag Player - donated a Photon patch and a league champion medal.

Cortlett, Wayne- Donated a Zone Laser Tag V4 Pack.

The Curators of Photon - Consists of Chris Drago and Micheal Murphy both avid Photon players - Donated the following: 

  • four Photon mugs
  • four Photon cups
  • Photon koozie
  • Photon ash tray
  • Photon lighter
  • Photon sport bottle
  • Photon Frisbee
  • Photon Space Pen
  • Nine Photon coupon books
  • Numerous Photon passports from different stores in different designs
  • Two Photon patch
  • Photon VIP card
  • Photon play for a dollar coupon
  • Photon special passport
  • Two Photon pencils
  • Photon Passport sign
  • Photon "Play All Day" sign
  • Photon gym bag
  • Photon marketing materials
  • Photon "Head 'n' Wrist Bands"
  • "How to Play Photon Better" book
  • Photon party plans bookelt
  • Photon Parts Catalog
  • Photon Uniform Franchise Offering Circular
  • A wealth of Photon magazine articles, newspaper articles, press releases, marketing materials, images, and calenders.

They also loaned the Museum:

  • Photon Employee of the Month placard       
  • Photon medal
  • Two Photon Medallions                           
  • Twenty Photon coins
  • Two Photon brochures holders                         
  • 3 Photon pins
  • Photon belt buckle                           
  • Two Photon key chains
  • Photon name badge          
  • Micheal Murphy name badge
  • Two unique Photon cups                    
  • Two rare Photon mugs
  • Photon sticker                   
  • Photon briefing video on VHS
  • Photon phaser cord                            
  • Three Carter Bucks
  • Photon Flight Suit                            
  • Original Molecular Light set from Photon Kentilworth
  • Photon Toronto Uniform


Delta Strike - donated all 5 versions of the Delta Stike packs with all their classic phasers, trade show banners, and a gaming program handheld device.

Damicus, Steve - former Owner of Lazer Xtreme, Thornton, CO - donated two Actual Reality packs and phasers.

Desiderioscioli, Vincent A - Director of LaserTagVideo.com - donated a number of Photon memorabilia from the Kennilworth, NJ location including the following: 

  • Blank Photon membership card 
  • Photon "2 for 1" pass
  • Photon "Bring a Friend" Pass
  • Photon Business Card
  • Photon Brochure Holder
  • Photon Brochure


E-Bay Acquisition #1 - Photon Lunchbox for the home version of Photon laser games.

E-Bay Acquisition #2 - Lasertron T-shirt (circa 1995 approximately)

E-Bay Acquisition #3 - poster announcing the Grand Opening Gala of the first ever Photon in Dallas, TX.

E-Bay Acquisition #4 - prototype for the Photon Pod holders of the original manufacturer, dated 1984.

E-Bay Acquisition #5 - Laser Port Pro Vest and Phaser

E-Bay Acquisition #6 - Photon Presto Magix Poster

E-Bay Acquisition #7 - Lazer Shot Toy

E-Bay Acquisition #8 - Lazer Tag Assault Set

E-Bay Acquisition #9 - Lazer Tag Starlyte Pistol

E-Bay Acquisition #10 - Lazer Tag Target

E-Bay Acquisition #11 - 2 Lazer Tag Suits complete with belt, chest target, and hats

E-Bay Acquisition #12 - 2 Lazer Tag B.L.A.S.T.'s

E-Bay Acquisition #13 - 5 Lazer Tag Curtians

E-Bay Acquisition #14 - Lazer Tag Comforter

E-Bay Acquisition #15 - Lazer Tag Lunch Box and Thermos

E-Bay Acquisition #16 - Lazer Tag Pajama Top

E-Bay Acquisition #17  - 7 Lazer Tag Birthday Invatations

E-Bay Acquisition #18 - Photon Electronic Phaser and Computerized Target

E-Bay Acquisition #19 - Photon Collegeville Costume

E-Bay Acquisition #20 Photon Novel #1 "For the Glory"

E-Bay Acquisition #21 - Photon Novel #2 "High Stakes"

E-Bay Acquisition #22 - Photon Novel #4 "This is Your Life, Bhodi Li"

E-Bay Acquisition #23Photon Novel #5 "Exile"

E-Bay Acquisition #24 Photon Novel #6 "Skin Deep"

E-Bay Acquisition #25 Photon Bhodi Li and Warriarr Action Figures

Evans, Sean & Pereira, Trish - President and Vice Presidentof Q-zar Systems - Donated 2 Q-zar iQ packs with phasers and 5 Q-zar Play Cards.

Ellers, Tim - Donated a High Voltage Laser Tag Team Captains Jersey


Fernt.com - Consisting of Photon enthusiasts: Paul Desiderioscioli, Vincent Desiderioscioli, Jed DeRose, and Gary Nevard - Donated a Photon phaser station

Ferraro, Brian and his family - Co-owner of Skateland Lockport, NY - Donated one of the last known fully functional Laser Storm Stargates.

Fischer, Aaron - CEO, Founder, and Developer of Laser Tag Pro - Donated 2 Battle Riffle Pro's, The Clutch, and two Hi-Tech guns (HT-6 and HT-11) .

Francis, Ron - Founder and Director of Action Tag - Donated an Action Tag MK12,  a Orange Action Tag G17, a Black Action Tag G17, and a Museum first Laser Tag Tank Barrel.

Franicevich, Davor - Owner of Laser Tag and Games, Metairie, LA - donated a laser tag hat, a VeQtor pack, and an entire Stunner Pod.

FUNWORKS! Modesto, CA - Ross Briles - donated a number of artifacts from different manufacturers:


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