Desired or Missing Items for the Laser Tag Museum

Our goal with this page is to simply list some of the rare items that we are looking for the laser tag museum.  We are not sure anything on this list even exists but it doesn't stop us from hoping that we can find it one day.  If you know of anything on this list that may still exist, please contact


The Laser Tag Museum generally does not have the latest version of commercially available laser tag equipment on display.  Once a new version of the equipment becomes available, then the Laser Tag Museum will try to acquire the artfact.

Here is a partial list of desired items:

- LazerZone - based in Chicago, this system was an early pioneer
- Laser Game Evolution - This French system eludes our museum
- Laser Force (UK) - This legendary system escapes our capture
- LaserMaxx - any version of equipment
- HoloZ - Only 3 locations in the world had this equipment
- Phasor Strike Vest - Zone Laser Tag v1 - even a trip to Australia could not locate a pack
- Laserdrome - This Sydney, Australia based company only had 1 location
- Reflex Laser Games from Belgium
- LaserMatic from Denmark
- LaserTron - any equipment before LT 7; also looking for an LT-11 and/or a LT 11.5.
- Laser Nation - Only Rick Rahim holds the key to this magical system
- Laser Republic - based out of India
- Lazer Maze - over 100 packs exist in Southern California but we don't have onefor the museum yet.
- ProShut Laser Tag - Laser Tag from Iran would look great in the museum.
- Sama Company
- Space Sport
- Stun Laser
- Vada - The great granddaddy of almost all laser tag systems in the world.

TAGTICAL Equipment

- Anything else from any of the former CIS countries and their laser tag taggers.

The above is only a partial list of items that we are seeking.   If you know of the whereabouts of any of the above items, or items not listed, please contact us at



(updated September 23, 2015)



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