Archive Card

Do you own an item or items that should be on display but do not want to part with it just yet?  Are you concerned that your laser tag item could be discarded or thrown out after your gone?

Unfortunately a large number of laser tag prototypes and packs and posters and other items have been thrown away or discarded after the untimely passing of the owner.  It is our goal to preserve the legacy of the industry, even after the demise of the owner.

To help achieve that goal, we have created the "Artifact Card". The idea of the Artifcat Card is to have some written statement left with the item or artifact thath states your desire to pass the item to the Laser Tag Museum.

Please print out the Artifact Card below and place with your items.  It is our hope that it is many years before your items are on display in the Laser Tag Museum but we also hope the same items are never discarded.

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Click the image to download the printable archive cards 


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