Contribute, Loan or Donate Items

Contribute Laser TagThe Laser Tag Museum has grown over the years through the generous donations of people throughout the world.  Artifacts on display have come from Australia, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States.

Key individuals that have been instrumental to the development of the industry have given rare, priceless and one-of-the-kind items to the museum.  Many of the items are prototypes or the last remaining version of the laser tag equipment or possessions that were cherished yet still donated.

Some unique items that have been donated are:

  • George Carter, the Creator of laser tag, donated a Press Pass from Photon Japan among numerous other items.
  • Len Kelly, owner of Laserforce, donated one of the last remaining Gen1 Laserforce pack from 1991.
  • Charles Peklenk, a former player at the Star Laser Force, provided items never known to have existed.
  • Graham and Robyn Smith, owners of Vultrek, donated 4 Packs and helmets, a massive stack of materials, membership cards, pins and much more.
  • Brad Barns provided his precious Phasor Strike phaser which was the third one ever made.

phasorstrikeprotoAnd just so many more rare donations that have poured in since the inception of the museum. 

Where possible, the Laser Tag Museum has tried to recognize the donor or the source of the artifact in the museum.

If you have some item, literature, laser tag pack, poster, brochure, and any other item that you do not see on our webpages, please consider donating the item to the museum.  The museum is free of charge to the visitors so it operates on an extremely limited budget.  In select items, the Laser Tag Museum will be happy to provide a UPS or FedEx number to help defray any shipping costs to get the item to the museum.  

Please consider donating any artifact for the sake of the industry and for preservation for many years to come.  To donate, please contact the Laser Tag Museum at ++317-965-9482 or email



Some individuals have contacted the Laser Tag Museum to inquire whether we would accept a loan of their laser tag items.  The contributor wants to keep ownership of the artififact but wants to allow the Laser Tag Museum to put it on display.  We are always happy to be entrusted with someone's private collection or atrtifacts.  Please contact us and we will arrange shipping to the Laser Tag Musuem.  This way you keep ownership of your unique laser tag item and we can still place it on display for the world to appreciate.


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