The Mark "Chook" Harding / Zone Laser & Tournament Collection

Mark "Chook" Harding was an avid Zone Laser Tag in player Melbourne, Australia when he was younger. "Chook" was the codename Mark went by when playing laser tag. Mark was a part of one of the most legendary Zone tournament teams called the Sharks. "Chook"  was such a hardcore player that he got the team logo tattoed on his arm. Being on a legendary team had a lot of benefits one of them being it allowed Mark to acquire some awesome Zone artifacts. 

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Mark graciously let the Museum acquire two Zone Laser Tag phasers as well as a nice stack of materials including some personal items that showcased his skill as a player. "Chook" donated , one prototype V2 Phaser (left), and one prototype V3 Phaser (middle). Pat Holmes the founder of Zone Laser Tag did not even know the prototype phasers still existed which makes the acquisition even more stunning. The Museum also acquired a can koozie and necklace with the iconic shark that was the logo  for the Zone Sharks tournament team and a Phasor Strike phaser shell (right). The necklace is incredibly rare because it is only one of five ever made. 

Prototype V2 Phaserv3protPhasor Strike Shell


To see more of the items acquired from Mark "Chook" Harding, please visit the Zone Laser Tag page.


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