The Graham and Robyn Vickridge-Smith / Vultrek Collection

Graham and Robyn Vickridge-Smith opened the first Vultrek in Adelaide, Australia after being inspired by Photon that had started earlier in the USA. The Smith's donated boxes and boxes of Vultrek items and memorabilia to the Laser Tag Museum including the following:

- 4 Vultrek Helmets, Packs, and Phasers

- 2 Vultrek Sweatshirts

- 2 Vultrek Shirts

- 3 Vultrek Pins

- 22 Vultrek Member ID's

- 6 Vultrek Coupons

- a Vultrek Game Pass

- a Vultrek Team Pass

- 4 Vultrek Articles

- a variety of marketing materials and pictures.

Vultrek Collage


 Vultrek Gen 2 RedVultrek Gen 2 GreenVultrek Gen 1 OrangeVultrek Gen 1 Blue


To see more, items from the Graham and Robyn Vickridge-Smith Collection, please visit the Vultrek page.


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