The Bob Webb/Quasar Elite Collection

Mr. Robert Webb, of Harlow, Essex, has his business operating with precision time.  Bob was already in the process of developing his own little showcase area for the Quasaer Elite product until the Laser Tag Musuem came by begging.  He was incredibly generous with his artifacts and donated many last of there kind items to the Musuem. He donated two Quasar Elite packs, a blue Q-Tag pack, a Q-Zar Mark III pack, two Quasar Posters, and four Quasar Elite Posters. (All pictured below.)





quasar elite


Quasar Elite 3


Quasar Elite Poster


Quasar Elite Poster 2


To see more of the Bob Webb / Quaser Elite Collection, please visit the Quasar Elite page.


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