The Logan Lockhart Collection

Logan Lockhart, an avid laser tag enthusiast, has been donating to the Laser Tag Museum since 2014. The Curator and Logan become friends through PhoCon in 2014. At the PhoCon event Logan made his first contribution with a number of Laser Storm donations. Logan has worked at a Laser Storm location for a number of years now and that has fueled his passion for the laser tag industry.

logan1Laserstorm Score Cards, Decals, and Marketing Book


logan3Laser Storm Lockport Arena Map


logan4Laser Storm "Ra" Arena Prop


logan2Laser Storm Shirt

Even when he isn't donating artifacts he is helping the Curator come into contact with others who are looking to get rid of or donate their own aritfacts. A year or so after Phocon, Logan helped connect the Curator with one of our biggest donations ever, the Laser Storm Stargate. A site owned by Brian Ferraro and family in Lockport New York was closing its doors and had tried to list the artifact on Ebay, but with no offers pending and their move out date rapidly approaching they did not know what to do with this massive artifact. Logan contacted the Curator giving him the word that the site needed to get rid of the Stargate as soon as possible. The next week the Museum was on its way to pick up the masssive artifact.

stargate (640x640)Laser Storm Stargate 

In the summer of 2016, Logan has made yet another donation consisting of four LaserTron LT 9 packs, one LaserTron LT 10 pack, two early version Laser Chaser Packs, one version one Laser Blast Pack, and a Laser Storm Arena Divider.



LaserTron LT9 Green & Red


LaserTron LT9 (outer packs) LaserTron LT10 (inner packs)



Early Version of Laser Chaser 



Laser Blast Version 1



Laser Storm Arena Divider



Laser Storm Stargate Arena Prop



LaserBlast Version 2 (left) and Laser Chaser Version 1 (right) Packs



LaserTron Base Unit

 To see more artifacts visit the Laser Blast, Laser Chaser, Laser Storm, and LaserTron pages.


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