FUNWORKS!/Ross Briles Collection

Ross Briles, the owner of FUNWORKS! Modesto, California, has been running the 18 acre fun park for over 40 years. Over that span of time FUNWORKS! has went through a lot of changes in order to keep up with the increasing ability of technology. This means a lot of different laser tag systems were ran throughout the parks fourty plus years of life. Instead of throwing each system by the way side Mr. Briles saved the old equipment and donated the massive collection to the Laser Tag Museum. This collection is the largest donation the Museum has ever recieved (in terms of quantity of laser tag equipment).

FUNWORKS!/ Ross Briles donated the following:


    • 5 Actual Reality Packs
    • 3 Actual Reality Network Bases
    • a Actual Reality Mine
    • a Actual Reality Scoreboard
    • 5 Actual Reality Relay Switches


    • 12 Begeara V1 Phasers
    • a V1 Begeara Mine
    • a V1 Begeara Handheld
    • a V1 Begeara Scoreboard


  • 14 Laser Chaser
  • 14 Laser Chaser Packs 
  • a Laser Chaser Downloader
  • 2 Laser Chaser Chargers
  • a Laser Chaser Charging Box
  • a Laser Chaser Dongle


To see more artifacts from the Manufacturers above, Actual Reality, Begeara, and Laser Chaser


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