The Laser Tag Museum is comprised of numerous individual donations, acquisitions and donations. A large number of materials are called "Collections".

The following collections have been donated to the Laser Tag Museum and deserve special mention on this website. Collections are listed in Alphabetical order.

The Bob Webb / Quasar Elite Collection

Bob Webb was already in the process of developing his own little showcase area for the Quasar Elite product until the Laser Tag Museum came by begging.  Bob then donated many items to the Museum that are the last of their kind.


The Curators of Photon / Photon Collection

The Curators of Photon, which consists of Chris Dragos and Micheal Murphy, spent a lot of time working at Photon facilities when they were younger. When they weren't working they were playing, as Photon was one of there favorite hobbies. As they got older they started to travel to other Photon facilities and began collecting all types of Photon memorabilia.

DSC 0069DSC 0126

The Doug Willems / Delta Strike Collection

Doug Willems and his business partner, Dave were the first laser tag manufacturer's to actively support the Laser Tag Museum,  Delta Strike donated a total of 5 phasers and packs to the Laser Tag Museum. 


The George Carter / Photon Collection

George never set out to give a lot to the museum, it has seemingly developed into small boxes or bags or cardboard boxes with a wealth of materials that grew into a Collection.  George's collection has helped our research in concluding that Photon was the first commercial laser tag system in the world.

 phasermoldphoton pic1passport

The Graham and Robyn Vickridge-Smith / Vultrek Collection

Graham and Robyn - Vickeridge Smith opened the the first Vultrek in Adelaide, Australia after being inspired by the Photon Game that had started earlier in the USA.  Their collection was massive and well documented.

 Vultrek Gen 1 OrangeVultrek Gen 2 GreenVultrek Gen 2 RedVultrek Gen 1 Blue

The Hollywood Collection

The Hollywood Collection consists of different laser tag packs and artifacts that have been used in Hollywood production tv shows or movies donated or acquired from numerous different donors.

mjfoxautographed q-zar vest


The Mark "Chook" Harding / Zone Laser & Tournament Collection

"Chook" graciously parted with two Zone Laser Tag phasers as well as a Phasor Strike Shell and a nice stack of materials including some personal items that showcased his skill as a player.

v2protv3protPhasor Strike Shell


The Steve Jennings / Q-2000 Collection

 Steve Jennings had a large collection of items stored away neatly and properly for long term storage.  Steve spent an entire day with me sorting various materials into a stack of items could go back to the Laser Tag Museum.



The FUNWORKS!/Ross Briles Collection

This collection is the biggest donation by one person/organization by the measure of quantity of laser tag artifacts. The collection consists of three diferent manufacturers including Actual Reality, Laser Chaser, and Zone Laser Tag.


The Logan Lockhart Collection

Logan Lockhart, an avid laser tag enthusiast, has been donating to the Laser Tag Museum for over 3 years now. The Curator and Logan become friends through Phocon in 2014.




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