SpyNet Laser Strike Unopened
SpyNet Laser Strike Unopened


Founder: Jakks Pacific

Date Established2010

Date Closed: Current

Key Personnel: 

Jon Trent - Senior Vice President of Sales

Equipment: The SpyNet Laser Strike comes with two Blasters and two Target Units. The Blasters have a total of four buttons on them including the arm button, fire trigger, neutralizer button, and reset button,. The arm button acts like a reload and each reload consists of 25 shots before you need to reload again. The fire trgger is what trigger the player uses to try to deactivate the other player in order to win the game. The neutralizer button allows you to to disable the opponents blaster for 15 seconds but this can only be used one time per game. Lastly the reset button ends the game and starts a new one. 

The two Target Units have the on and off switch on them and is also the housing unit for the three AAA batteries each unit requires. Each Target Unit should be worn on the players dominant arm. 

Nexus Software


History: Jakks Pacific has been involved in the developement and production of laser tag equipment ever since they bought "Toy Max" and "Laser Challenge". 


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