Light Strike

Nexus SoftwareFounder: WowWee

Date Established: 2011

Date Closed: Still active

Key Personnel: Unknown

Equipment: Light Strike comes in many different packages and can be played with several different pieces of equipment. Light Strike offers a pistol striker laser tag gun, and an assault striker laser tag gun. There are 3 different types of pistol and assault striker, each of them includes sensors and tags opponents the same way. Light Strike also offers vests, which strap to the player and holds a sensor for other players to tag during the game.

Light Strike also has many add-ons that players can purchase to make their laser tag guns better. These attachments include a rapid-fire system, scopes, a scanner to look for enemies, and a refractor launch system.

History: Light Strike began in 2011 when the WowWee toy company wanted to create a system that brought video games into the real world.

Light Strike is still active today.


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