2016 Laser Tag Day

2016LTDayWebInternational Laser Tag Day is back in 2016 and the Laser Tag Museum has another great poster to offer in celebration of the historical date of the first Photon facility opening in Dallas Texas in 1984! International Laser Tag Day is celebrated by operators all over the world, offering great deals and displaying the Laser Tag Day for their customers to see.

In October of 1986, The Sharper Image chose laser tag to be on the cover of their catalogue, displaying a model in the Worlds of Wonder home Lazer Tag system, which helped catapult laser tag as a brand into the homes and hearts of young (and young at heart) players everywhere. In fact, when you mention laser tag to those of us who grew up in the 80's, it is likely this home system is what comes to mind.

In honor of the Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag system, the Laser Tag Museum has recreated The Sharper Image catalogue cover with our lovely model, Mia. While the Sharper Image catalogue may be rare and hard to find, now everyone who wants a newer version in poster-form can request one for International Laser Tag Day.


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