2015 Laser Tag Day

2015LTDayWebNational Laser Tag Day went international on March 28, 2015 as the Laser Tag Museum officially extended the invitation for operators to participate globally in the historic event. Now International Laser Tag Day will be celebrated in more countries and facilities than ever before!

This year we selected Star Laser Force, the third known laser tag system to exist out of Houston, Texas, as the equipment for International Laser Tag Day. Star Laser Force was selected because it was created in 1985, making this their 30th anniversary, and because the museum acquired 3 of the last existing packs from the family that created it, making it one of the rarest and oldest items in the museum.

As International Laser Tag Day continues to grow and be celebrated by operators around the world, the Laser Tag Museum will continue to offer posters to the operators who want to participate with us. 


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