2014 Laser Tag Day

2014LTDayWebMarch 28, 2014 was the first nationally celebrated Laser Tag Day. The date was selected as it was the 30 year anniversary of the opening of the first Photon facility in Dallas, Texas. This one store kicked off the exciting and profitable industry that is laser tag to this day. In fact laser tag has never been bigger in terms of number of facilities utilizing laser tag than it is today and the industry is still growing! 

To commemorate this historic date for our industry, the Laser Tag Museum created National Laser Tag Day posters (seen right) that were made available for free to operators who contacted the Musuem to display in their facilites. Many operators sent photos to the Museum to show their support for the endeavor. 

George Carter III, the inventor of Photon, also signed a limited number of these posters that were given away to various individuals for their contribution to the industry.

National Laser Tag Day is a day to unite our operators as an industry and celebrate with our guests and customers the action packed, immersive, video game style attraction that we all enjoy.


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